Driving in Curacao

Driving in Paradise - The rules of the road in Curacao

You need a car to make the most of your visit to Curacao and our traffic rules originate from Dutch colonial days. We drive on the right, and traffic symbols are much the same as they appear in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

But the most important thing to remember is that this is an island in the tropics and there are 'rules of the road' vs. 'rulers of the road' who decree their own interpretation of proper traffic rules. So the best advice is to take it easy and be vigilant of the drivers in all directions. And ask us about additional insurance options.

Some island-related hints:

*Always wear your seatbelt

*Don't tailgate and try not to stop suddenly. Many cars on the island don't have working brake lights, and drivers behind you may be paying more attention to everything else than what is happening directly in front of them.

*You may have your first encounter with a traffic roundabout on the island, but the rules, in this case, can vary from roundabout to roundabout. The cars already in the roundabout are supposed to have the right of way, but at some locations the driver entering the roundabout is given the right away. Again, take your time and you should be ok.

*At an uncontrolled intersection, the car on the right has the right of way. In many countries, if a traffic light is out, the resulting uncontrolled intersection becomes a 4 way stop. But not here. It usually turns in to something of a free-for-all, so proceed with caution.

*Right turns on a red llight are not allowed. Some intersections will have right-turn signals.

*When we get our short bursts of rain, the roads can become very slippery, so SLOW DOWN!

But most of all, enjoy your stay with us and make sure your camera is charged for all the photos you'll want to take as your tour around the island.

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